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Recognizing What a Higher Self Is

“The Higher Self is whispering to you softly in the silence between your thoughts.” ~Deepak Chopra 

As I was trying to contact my Higher Self, asking for assistance in finding the combination of words which would best describe what a Higher Self is, I realized that it is extremely challenging, if not possible to be accurately articulated.

A person’s Higher Self dwells beyond the mind, thus it can’t be known intellectually, but rather felt deeply. It is more like an abstract concept and any attempts to fathom it using our limited mind, will most likely be rendered useless.

Our True Self was, way before we were even conscious of our own self and our surroundings and by the time that we became conscious enough to be able to recognize it, it had been buried underneath such innumerable layers of conditioning that we have been utterly disconnected from it.

One’s Authentic Self emerges when those layers of conditioning start to collapse by conscious or unconscious means and a certain amount of peace has been established upon the mind.

With that in mind, in an attempt to grasp such an infinite concept with our finite mind, putting into words merely what an Authentic Self is might not be enough. We have to understand what It is not as well!

A Higher Self is not a product of our mind. It is what gives our mind life. It is not the self who is shaped during our lifetime, but rather The One who wisely and meticulously shapes our entire destiny.

Facade ImageIt is extremely irrelevant to our external facade. It is neither our name, our occupation, our political views, our religion, nor any other outer label, stuck upon us based on external factors by society, family, friends, etc. It might be covered by all those labels, but It is always there and will always be there.

Our Deeper Self is not the light which our two eyes receive. It is the light that our one eye emits and when the eye be single, the whole body shall be full of our own Self’s light. “Before the soul can see, the Harmony within must be attained, and fleshly eyes be rendered blind to all illusion.” ~H.P.Blavatsky

It is not the voice of reason, It is the one who always speaks first thought intense feelings and which our mind always tries to subdue. It doesn’t know mistakes or failures, It knows lessons and experiences.

It is The One who always sustains Its stability while walking through storms; The One who maintains happiness even during times of sorrow; The One who is shrouded in serenity even while facing intense anxiety; The One who shows us the path towards the light even during our darkest moments.

It is not the self who seems and feels separate from people, the Earth and the entire Universe. It is connected with everything and everything is connected with It. All dwell within It and It dwells in All. “The absolute truth is that the ‘ I ‘ is perfect and complete; the real ‘ I ‘ is spiritual and can therefore never be less than perfect; it can never have any lack, limitation, or disease.”
~The Secret

The Higher Self can live nowhere but in the here and now. It knows that happiness can only be found in the present moment and that peace is not dependent on any future situations that may or may not take place. It is not the self who will be happy and at peace when… As Ekchart Tolle beautifully supports in his book
The Power of Now“Belief in a future heaven, always creates a present hell.”

It isn’t affected by time and it does not age. It always will be and always has been. It moves into form, through form and out of form. It can never be created or destroyed.

The Authentic Self is not a victim of the Universal Laws, It is their mover. It is a conscious part of those Laws, instead of a mere blind instrument. It is not a pawn, It is the player. It knows the rules, thus It can rise above them. It is a cause and not an effect.

The quest towards becoming our most Authentic Self is not about becoming something. It is about unbecoming everything so we can see how everything is connected to everything else; how “All is in The All, and The All is in All.”
~The Kybalion

Once someone establishes a connection with their Authentic Self, they shall never lose it and they shall remain awake eternally.

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