Master Manifesting Using the Principle of Polarity

“Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”~The Kybalion~


The Principle of Polarity is one of the seven hermetic principles which were handed down by Hermes Trismegistus. Hermes Trismegistus may be a representation of the combination of the Greek god Hermes(Mercury) and the Egyptian god Thoth and it is widely believed that he was the god of writing, magic, wisdom, astrology, alchemy, the messenger of gods and the link between mortality and immortality. The name Trismegistus means “three times great” in Greek.


The Principle of Polarity

What this Principle states is that everything has poles. Opposites are basically the same thing but differ in degrees. This law is applied everywhere, form the physical to the mental and spiritual reality. If you become aware of this principle you can see manifestations of it literally everywhere around you.

For example, heat and cold are different in degrees on a scale which is called temperature. Cold means less degrees and lower vibration and heat means more degrees and higher vibration, but they are both considered temperature. Subsequently, cold is essentially the absence of heat and heat is the absence of cold, thus heat and cold don’t really exist; extremes meet, all truths are but half-truths. The only thing that exists is the scale of temperature and the variety of degrees on it. Heat and cold are merely measurements of temperature.


Altering our State of Mind Using Polarity


All manifestation of thought, emotion, reason, will or desire, or any mental state or condition, are accompanied by vibrations, just like heat and cold. And just like you can manipulate temperature by increasing or decreasing heat, so you can manipulate your state of mind at will as well.

Every emotion has its opposite. Love is opposed to hate. Courage is opposed to fear. Happiness is opposed to sadness. The list goes on for ever and each human emotion, down to the last one will always have an opposite.


“When the Principle of Polarity is once grasped, and it is seen that the mental changes are occasioned by a change of polarity — a sliding along the same scale — the matter is more readily understood. The change is not in the nature of a transmutation of one thing into another thing entirely different — but is merely a change of degree in the same things, a vastly important difference. For instance, borrowing an analogy from the Physical Plane, it is impossible to change Heat into Sharpness, Loudness, Highness, etc., but Heat may readily be transmuted into Cold, simply by lowering the vibrations. In the same way, Hate and Love are mutually transmutable; so are Fear and Courage. But Fear cannot be transformed into Love, nor can Courage be transmuted into Hate. The mental states belong to innumerable classes, each class of which has its opposite poles, along which transmutation is possible.”~The Kybalion~


The secret to altering our state of mind is to stop fighting the negative and start cultivating the positive. Just as in the example above with heat and cold, when you want more heat you don’t say “I want less cold” and then you are trying to reduce the cold. What you are saying is “I want more heat” and then you increase the heat so the cold grows less.

Our mind works exactly like that. If you want to feel less hate, you have to cultivate love. If you want to feel less sad, you have to cultivate happiness. If you want to feel less stressed, you have to cultivate serenity.

Fighting the negative, will develop and enrich it. “What you resist, persists.”~Carl Jung~

“To destroy an undesirable rate of mental vibration, put into operation the Principle of Polarity and concentrate upon the opposite pole to that which you desire to suppress. Kill out the undesirable by changing its polarity.”~The Kybalion.~


Polarize to Manifest


The Principle of Polarity could and should be employed by him, who wants to benefit from the Law of Attraction.

As we already know, the Law of Attraction is working non-stop and states that “like energy” always attracts “like energy”. Your thoughts and feelings are energy, vibrating at various frequencies and they determine what you attract towards your life.


“Every thought, emotion or mental state has its corresponding rate and mode of vibration. And by an effort of the will of the person, these mental states may be reproduced, just as a musical tone may be reproduced by causing an instrument to vibrate at a certain rate — just as color may be reproduced in the same way. By a knowledge of the Principle of Polarity, as applied to mental phenomena, one may polarize his mind at any degree he wishes, thus gaining a perfect control over his mental states, moods, etc.”~The Kybalion~


The majority of people nowadays are being trapped inside negative thinking patterns. Thoughts such as: “I am not good enough”, “This won’t work”, “That will never happen” are those thoughts which are creating your reality. Someone might not even be aware of those thoughts, but throughout years of negative thinking they may have been embedded into their subconscious mind and held as firm beliefs. If someone wants to be subjected to actual and substantial change those thoughts, feelings and beliefs need to be altered.

An average person has much more negative thoughts than positive ones. This is what needs to be changed. The scale should begin tilting toward the side of positive emotions.

This will be achieved by awareness of feelings and thoughts and as Kybalion states, the cultivation of the ability to reproduce a certain positive mental state at will in order to adjust our vibration in accordance to what we want to manifest.

In other words, you have to be mindful of your thoughts and feelings as much as you can, in order to alter them the moment that they arise and you have to teach yourself how to reproduce a higher vibrational state of mind, in order for you to be succeed in the polarization of those thoughts and feelings. Should someone become proficient in this, he is well advanced in the path of becoming the creator of his own destiny and the master of his self and his reality.


“Mind may be transmuted, from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to vibration. The Principle of Polarity is a Mental Art.”~The Kybalion~


Summing Up


The wise man falls in with the Principle of Polarity, and by understanding its movements he operates it instead of being its blind slave. Just as does the skilled swimmer turn this way and that way, going and coming as he will, instead of being as the log which is carried here and there — so is the wise man as compared to the ordinary man — and yet both swimmer and log; wise man and fool, are subject to this Principle. He who understands this is well on the road to master the Law of Attraction.

Attaining the knowledge, you are half way there. The other half is taking action, because owning the knowledge without applying it, is like not owning it at all.


“The good news is that the moment you decide that what you know is more important than what you have been taught to believe, you will have shifted gears in your quest for abundance. Success comes from within, not from without.”~Ralph Waldo Emerson~


Leave your feedback bellow and let me know about your experience with polarizing your feelings.


Much gratitude to you for taking time to read this.




  1. ido barnoam
    December 11, 2016

    Wonderful post!
    Everything depends upon our perspective. There is no “bad” or “good”. We are the ones tho impress this on outer events. And both “bad” and “good” can be found on the same pole. So the more we seek the good (or the heat) the less we see the bad, and the less we experience it.

    1. Harry
      December 12, 2016

      Hello Ido,

      you are spot on. Of course, conscious effort is needed in order to succeed, but I believe that if someone tries and is consistent, there will be a time when he will be permanently consumed by positivity and polarization won’t be necessary anymore.

      Thank you for commenting and I am thankful that you liked it.



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