20 Questions to Shatter your Ego

“The Ego is not who you really are. The ego is your self-image; it is your social mask; it is the role you are playing. Your ego thrives on approval. It wants control and it is sustained by power, because it leaves in constant fear.” ~Deepak Chopra


The Ego

Ego; our conditioned self. The one which holds our identity while existing in this world of separation. The part of ourselves which lives in a constant state of fear. Fear of failing; fear of being exposed; fear of dying…

To our ego, anything outside of our comfort zone is a threat and even the slightest threat, is a death-threat for it. Since our first steps into this plane of existence, we are being bombarded with ideas, beliefs and perspectives which are food for our ego to grow bigger while shrinking our authentic self and widening the gap of separation between us and the rest of the Universe.

Ego craves and embraces permanence. Of course, this permanence is merely an illusion since the only constant in our world is change. Nevertheless, an ego driven person will desperately seek permanence; permanence in ideas and perspectives; permanence in situations and belongings; permanence in self and other people. This hunger for permanence in this rather impermanent reality is one of the roots of our suffering.

It is the part of our self, which is afraid to truly live. It clings to past unwanted situations, terrified of being hurt once more, always trying to predict the worst case scenarios of every situation in order to avoid experiencing unwanted emotions. Fear is its home, and home means intimacy. Fear is the only emotion that it is familiar with and every other negative emotion is deeply rooted within fear. Without fear to stand on it cannot exist, so it cultivates it despite the fact that it hurts our entire being.

While our ego is in the driver seat, holding firmly to the wheel, setting our course and determining our destination, we will rarely feel fulfilled, if ever. A manifestation of our egoistic self is our incessant need to become something else or go somewhere else in order to attain happiness and peace of mind.

“There is never enough, you know. Never enough money, fame, company. The more you want, the more you need, the more you want. There is always a hunger for more money, greater fame, different people. The point that we are missing is that there is a certain futility in centering one’s entire life around trying to satisfy appetites that can truly never be sated.” ~Gaius Baltar – Battlestar Galactica

Our ego’s desires can never become entirely satiated. Even if it seems that way when a goal is achieved, it is only temporary and we will always crave for more of this, or more of that. This tendency of ours can only result in misery, since what we are basically doing, is sacrificing our happiness and our peace of mind, to which we have access right now, in this Now, for just a hope of reaching those states in the future, through external means.

“Happiness is not based on circumstances and situations that might or might not happen in the future. Happiness dwells in the now.”

If happiness indeed dwells in the now, then why is it not available 24/7/365 to us? You guessed it! The reason once more is our ego. Ego cannot survive in the Now and in fact it will do everything in its power to keep us away from it. It will manifest itself as a memory of the past, or as a future expectation and identify our self with them, in order to distract us and keep itself from being dissolved.

Being mindful enough, you can see manifestations of it literally in every aspect of your life. Don’t get me wrong though. Ego is not a devil who we should exorcise. It is a human trait which should be embraced and brought into awareness for it to transform. A healthy ego will never hold you back, and will always be by your side, supporting you, while walking the path towards becoming a better version of yourself.

However, in today’s society, a person with a healthy ego is rarer that a unicorn eating rainbow candy. Most people don’t have time to be aware, or don’t know how to be aware, or are so ego-driven that their ego won’t let them accept a single word of what I am babbling about, for 700 words now.

That’s okay though. The purpose of this article is not to answer your questions… At least the article itself won’t. Rather its purpose is to make you ask some questions to yourself, which may or may not shed some light and dissolve some of your beliefs and perspectives that have always held you back from chasing your dreams and living your life on your very own terms, as your most authentic self.


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Diving Deep


Try to answer those questions with honesty and humility. Answer them not for the sake of getting an answer, but for the sake of questioning your antiquated perspectives on yourself, the world around you and life itself.


  1. If you were the only person standing on this earth for eternity, who would you be?
  2. Where is that, which you call yourself, located and of what is it composed?
  3. Is the world really as it looks like?
  4. What is the difference between you and other people?
  5. Is it possible that other people see the world exactly as you do?
  6. Where do your thoughts come from?
  7. How can you know if anything is real?
  8. If you achieved every goal that you have right now… then what?
  9. Do you believe that you will ever say ” Okay. I have achieved everything. Now I am at peace.”
  10. How are you aware if you truly exist?
  11. Why haven’t you gone after your dream?
  12. If you were to die tomorrow, what would you do today?
  13. If you were to live forever, what would you go after?
  14. What is standing between you and success?
  15. Is your mind your servant, or are you a servant of your mind?
  16. Are you living in the moment?
  17. What prevents you from being happy?
  18. Can you embrace change as being a part of your self?
  19. Since you know that you are going to die, why don’t you truly live?
  20. What is the purpose of your life?


I am starting to wonder how the world would be if people were a little bit less egocentric and a little bit more selfless. How would the world evolve if more people were looking after the greater good instead of just serving their-selves? Are we going to find out?

Or are we going to keep being blind to the obvious and to our blindness as well?


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  1. Lawrence Gregory
    January 17, 2017

    Thanks for explaining what the ego actually is before getting into the questions which shatter the false sense of self.

    I slowed down whilst asking myself these questions and I was aware that thoughts started to pop up when I asked myself these.

    I just observed them without judgement and dug deep =)


    1. Harry
      January 18, 2017

      I really hope that you found out a little bit more about yourself Lawrence, as our true nature can only be found and understood when our ego is in the verge of annihilation.

      Thank you for the comment.


  2. Kenny Lee
    February 21, 2017

    This is really helpful. I’ve been dealing with people who are so full with themselves recently that I have no choice but to draw a boundary. I think over-inflated ego does rub off some negative energy. These questions are perfect to keep our ego in check.

    1. Xaric
      February 23, 2017

      It is funny and a little bit disappointing that those questions can imprison as much as liberate, if answered from an egotistic point of view…

      Thank you for your comment Kenny.


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